GI Joe loses its lead

Ah scheduling… Such a harsh mistress for actors. One minute they’re happily ensconced in the bosom of an epic being directed by one the world’s most successful helmers, the next, they’re cruelly ripped from the chance to lead a toy franchise film overseen by the man who made the first two Mummy films.

Yes, while we’re sure Sam Worthington may be regretting that his work on James Cameron’s Avatar will prevent him from snatching the role of Duke, the commander in GI Joe, he’ll likely dry his bitter tears with the knowledge that Avatar will be one the biggest films this decade.

But that leaves Stephen Sommers’ GI Joe without a leader, so who’s in the running to strap on the ammo? According to Latino Review ’s scoop, Fantastic Four’s Chris Evans, Lost’s Matthew Fox and Step Up’s Channing Tatum.

We’ll say no more and certainly make no predictions; particularly as the noise about Dominic West playing Destro has yet to turn into an actual job for the man.

source:( Latino Review )