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Ghost of Tsushima gets a tense new teaser ahead of a full trailer at The Game Awards

Ghost of Tsushima has returned to the public eye after more than a year of quiet from developer Sucker Punch, though it's just a teaser for what's still to come. The same PlayStation State of Play broadcast that finally confirmed what we'd all been waiting for with a Resident Evil 3 remake trailer ended with a brief teaser of a new trailer for Ghost of Tsushima. The full version is due to debut at The Game Awards on Thursday.

The trailer opens with a slow pan over beautiful, autumnal woods, with a column of smoke emerging from the canopy. Cutting to the forest floor, we see a group of Mongol invaders hauling a wagon down a path. Their leader stops and squints into the light of a clearing in the forest, as a silhouette of a cloaked figure comes into view. The Mongol boss calls out "Samurai!" and when the figure doesn't respond, they get ready to fight. You can probably guess that this isn't going to end well for them. That becomes extra clear when we zoom in our shadowy friend who draws his sword and then throws down a lit bomb, ending the teaser.

We'll have to wait for the The Game Awards to see how our samurai/proto-ninja hero dispatches his new Mongol friends. At this point, any confirmation that Ghost of Tsushima is still getting closer to our PS4 hard drives is good news - we've barely heard or seen anything about the game since E3 2018. That's assuming it's still coming to PS4. There was no release date on this teaser, and there's always the possibility that at this point Sony might want it to become a PS5 launch title instead. We'll likely find out either way on Thursday.

Even with the next generation on the horizon, 2020 will be a good year for PS4 exclusives, including the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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