Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut coming to PS5 and PS4 according to ESRB

Ghost of Tsushima
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Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut has been rated for PS5 and PS4 by the ESRB. 

Sony and Sucker Punch haven't announced the new version but ESRB ratings have always been reliable sources, so while some details may be missing, this is as close to official as it gets without a formal announcement. 

The listing appeared earlier today, and while the rating summary itself is boilerplate, the page does tell us a few things about the updated version. First and foremost, with this being a director's cut seemingly launching on PS5 as well as PS4, we can expect graphical improvements for PS5 specifically, as well as potential new content not included in the original game. As vast and involved as Ghost of Tsushima was, there's no telling what Sucker Punch had to leave on the cutting room floor. We may be in for new side quests, characters, environments, equipment, or other added content. 

This is the third Ghost of Tsushima rating in the ESRB's archives. The first was obviously for the original game, while the second rating appeared ahead of the release of the game's multiplayer mode, Legends. The easiest way to distinguish the Legends rating, which is just titled Ghost of Tsushima, is the mention of online interactivity in its features. The new rating for Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut also notes that "users interact (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5)", which can be read as (unsurprising) confirmation that Legends will be included with the Director's Cut, perhaps with additional content of its own. 

The features tab of the Director's Cut is also the only Ghost of Tsushima ESRB rating to mention "in-game purchases", and specifically for PS4. This may be a reference to the contents of the PS4's digital deluxe edition, which includes the Hero of Tsushima skin, among other things. 

It's worth noting that this ESRB rating has cropped up less than a week after fresh rumors of a Ghost of Tsushima mini-sequel reportedly titled Ghost of Ikishima, which was said to be PS5-bound. Assuming it's legitimate – and unlike this ESRB rating, those rumors are wildly unfounded, so that's a big assumption – the so-called "expandalone" DLC could also be tied to the Director's Cut in some way. Hopefully we get some answers there soon – perhaps at the long-rumored PlayStation's summer State of Play

A Death Stranding Director's Cut has also been rated for PS5 by the ESRB. 

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