Ghost of Tsushima combat system explained in new overview video

The new Ghost of Tsushima combat overview video will have you practicing your katana swings with a broom, yardstick, or whatever else is handy.

The brief video breaks down how protagonist Jin Sakai will need to confront his enemies and adapt to each situation: you can choose whether you want to hew to Jin's samurai training and take on your enemies head-to-head, or embrace his growing reputation as the Ghost as he sticks to shadows to pick off enemies before they can even call for help. Either way, he'll need to adapt his fighting style and choice of equipment to make the best of each challenge. 

Here's what GR's own Rachel Weber thought of Ghost of Tsushima's combat in her review - click the link in the first paragraph of this article to read her full thoughts.

"By the end, the combat flowed like a dance, I knew just when to throw out a kunai or ignite my sword to deliver fiery death, and learned to dodge attacks like I'd developed Spidey sense. I am not traditionally a fan of nuanced combat, approaching everything like a tank with PMT, but with Ghost of Tsushima, it just flowed and felt right. Not that it was ever easy, true to Sucker Punch's promise that a few mistakes can leave you crushed by a brute enemy even late in the game, so even random encounters require your full attention."

You still have time to get your Ghost of Tsushima pre-order in if you haven't locked a copy down yet.

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