Get Your Tatts Out: The First Batch

SFX is on a hunt for the coolest SF or fantasy-related tattoos, and you’ve already been sending in some fantastic examples. The best of the first batch are below, but we want more, so that we can create the biggest and greatest gallery of SF and fantasy body art in the world!

There’s prizes up for grabs: we'll be giving away two great DVDs – LA Ink The Complete Series One featuring the infamous Kat Von D, and Miami Ink Series Five (courtesy of Revelation Films) – for the tattoo that impresses us most.

So, email your pics of your tattoo to us at , and if there’s a story behind why you got yours done, we'd love to hear that too.

Above From Ashley Beeching in Kent: "As many are aware, 2000AD is the galaxy's greatest comic. To celebrate the brilliance of 2000AD and in particular its most famous character, Judge Dredd, I had this Judge Fear tattoo engraved on my fleshy parts!”

Above From Peter Wilson in Essex: "My reason behind it was to show off one of my two great passions in life, Doctor Who. I have 'The Louder The Better' on the other arm which is for my other passion – music. It is always good when a fellow fan recognises the point of the tattoo.”

Above Bill: “These are the two tattoos on my lower right leg. One is the Seal of Rassilon from Doctor Who and is two-inches in diameter. The other is the TARDIS with a sideways clock face in the background and is about 6 inches in diameter. The only goo when I took a drawing of the police box in to the tattoo artist she looked at it and said ‘Cool, that's the TARDIS – I love Doctor Who.’ I figured if she could refer to it by name she was the perfect person to do my tattoo. She told me her favorite Doctor was Peter Davison and a few months later I got an autograph from him for her in Chicago so she said she'd give me a discount on the next one.”

Above Xena Duncan: “Not really a crazy, elaborate tattoo piece, but I think it's that little bit quirky and different. Partly because I wanted something drawn up by myself, hence the… interesting… proportions. It shows Death and Delirium from the incredible Sandman Comics. I decided that it would appropriately ironic, as I'm known for my own special brand of crazy and Death follows us all in some form (and she looooves us. Apparently.)”

Above Sue: "Hi SFX. Here's my Silver Surfer tattoo, it's on my upper arm. I had it done many years ago at Saints, Notting Hill. I love it hope you do too.”

Send your pics to:
Please put the word "tattoo" in your subject title

Or you can post them to: SFX Tattoo Compo, SFX Magazine, Future Publishing, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW

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