Get Victory IRL with Fortnite Nerf Blasters and a Monopoly board on the way

You're still on your own for building massive structures in seconds, but Fortnite and Hasbro are forming a duo to give fans official Nerf Blasters inspired by the game. The two companies announced a partnership to create a range of Fortnite toys and game products, including a Fortnite Monopoly game coming this fall and a Nerf range following in 2019.

I know you're eager to see your favorite fragging tools rendered in plastic, but Hasbro hasn't given any hints as to what form the Fortnite Nerf guns may take. And it's an unusual proposition, given that Fortnite's actual guns are based directly on real-life firearms for the most part - compared to Fortnite's wacky items and skins, the guns are distinctly non-whimsical. The Nerf brand has long avoided making any Blasters that look too much like a real weapon, so I'm not sure what kind of approach it's going to take here.

It would be pretty lame just to have a generic "Fortnite Blaster" that looks nothing like any weapon you can get in the game, but on the other hand, you don't want a bunch of kids running around with dart-launching SCAR replicas. Nerf could always dip into Fortnite: Save the World's more fantastic assortment of weaponry like Dragon Pistols and Rayguns for inspiration, I suppose.

On the "less running around but probably way more shouting" side of things, Hasbro shared the above image of Monopoly: Fortnite Edition, showing that it will draw directly from Battle Royale mode with locations like Paradise Palms, Snobby Shores, and Tilted Towers. Rather than trading paper money around, players will try to drain their opponents' little cardboard HP counters by claiming locations and laying down fortifications. And instead of playing as a little metal race car, you can choose from several skins as your token of choice.

Hasbro says more licensed games, role play (that means toy replica items, basically), and accessories will arrive in 2019. If you thought Fortnite was everywhere now, just wait until you can have an entire game night themed around it without ever actually playing Fortnite.

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