Get PS5 ready with Official PlayStation Magazine's 180-page PlayStation 5 special issue

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PS5 is here and Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM) takes a deep dive into the new console and the games that will make it shine. 

This 180-page special issue is your one-stop guide to everything next-gen. Inside this issue you can find new interviews with the devs behind the biggest games, new hands-on opinion, and the first screens and details of Sony's own PS5 hits-in-waiting, including Horizon Forbidden West, Spider-Man Miles Morales, and Gran Turismo 7.

Inside Official PlayStation Magazine issue 177, on sale Tuesday June 30th in all major UK newsagents or supermarkets, or earlier if you subscribe, you can find 180 pages of over 60 new games for PS5, PS4, and PS VR, as well as the ultimate 10-page review of The Last Of Us 2.  PS5 fans in the US can subscribe and save up to 47% on a print and digital OPM subscription.

Get Official PlayStation Magazine delivered to your door with this incredible 5 issues for £5 offer!

Get Official PlayStation Magazine delivered to your door with this incredible 5 issues for £5 offer! (Image credit: Future)

All of this and the key people at Epic Games reveal more on Unreal Engine 5 and how this tech will be a game-changer for PS5. The promise of photo real graphics and a collaboration with Lucasfilm on Star Wars The Mandalorian point towards game experiences closer to film than we could ever imagine.

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PS5 revealed

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No speculation or rumours, in OPM issue 177 you can see the new PS5 console in detail, and discover the family of peripherals that will expand this next-gen hardware. 

Its design is so unique because Sony believes in fresh starts.  Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment says: "At PlayStation we believe in generational transitions and we put years of work into making them happen. We want you to enjoy the unique benefits of moving from one generation to the next.”

15 new next-gen games

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Behind the returning franchises and triple-A new PS5 titles are some of next-gen's most interesting games. The team pick 15 new games we'll be playing only on PS5, including Square Enix's developed-for-PS5 Project: Athia, indie gem Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, and the mysteriously weird Death Stranding-in-space adventure from Capcom, Pragmata. Discover all 15 games in OPM issue 177.

53 of PlayStation's hottest games revealed

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OPM's annual Hot 50 list expands to a Hot 53 because there's just TOO MANY GAMES. This issue read new interviews, game screens, and gameplay details for the most exciting new games for PS5, PS4, and PS VR, including Horizon Forbidden West, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Mafia: Definitive Edition, Hitman 3, Chorus, Demon's Souls, Resident Evil Village, and many more!

“The power of the PS5 also means that we will have an option for 120fps, which is very exciting for the racers who know that every frame counts,” teases Rob Karp, Dirt 5’s development director in just one of many exclusive PS5-focussed previews.

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Horizon Forbidden West, and more…

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