Get huge discounts on Battlefield V, Battlefront II, and more as EA joins Humble Store

(Image credit: EA)

EA has joined the Humble Store, cutting prices for a limited time on a ton of their PC games.

If you head to the Humble Store, you’ll be able to grab Battlefield 5 for £23.99, Star Wars Battlefront II for 85% less than usual at £5.99, Burnout Paradise Remastered for £4.49 (which isn’t bad considering the PS3 is £14.99 on Amazon at the time of writing), and The Sims 4 for £9.99. Of course, if you grabbed The Sims 4 for free in May, that offer might not be as tempting.

There’s also a couple of charming EA Original games to choose from, with Fe and Unravel 2 included in the deal for £8.10 and £9.99, respectively. 

You’ll need to be quick if you want to snag yourself a deal though, as the introductory offers ends on 6pm BST October 14. There are more EA titles on the site, such as FIFA 20, Sea of Solitude, and A Way Out... or you could get Dragon Age 2 for £2.49, which is a great price no matter your views on the game. 

The other good thing about buying through the Humble Store is that every purchase lets you give back to a charity of your choosing, so at least some good will come from all the hours you’ll spend telling teammates to play the objective in Battlefield 5.   

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