Get free Deathloop cosmetics by signing up to be an Arkane Outsider

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Deathloop is giving away free in-game items for members of its Arkane Outsiders community, and you just need to sign up to unlock a new outfit and gun for main character Colt.

The exclusive items for Deathloop Arkane Outsiders are the Eternalist Colt skin, which makes it look like he just finished dashing through some kind of militarized Color Run, and the Ever After Strelak Verso - it's the gun that can either be fired split in half as a pair of semi-automatic pistols, or slotted together into a burst-fire monstrosity, and this is an extra colorful form to match your Eternalist skin.

You can head to the official site to join up - the membership ties in with your Bethesda Account, so you'll need to sign in or register for one of those first. On top of getting the Deathloop rewards once the game comes out, you'll also receive The Art of Arkane digital art book as soon as you become an Arkane Outsider.

The rewards can be used in either the PC or PS5 version of the game - presumably it will also be available on other platforms, if and when Deathloop ceases to be a PlayStation console exclusive in September 2022. Since Bethesda is a part of Microsoft now, it stands to reason that Microsoft will want an Xbox version to have all the (contractually eligible) bells and whistles which appeared on any other platform.

While we would have already been old at hands at looping through Blackreef if Deathloop had met its previous May release date, pandemic-driven delays meant Arkane pushed it back to September. Still, we're getting there, and the latest PlayStation presentation included a lengthy look at the game including some new death-defying abilities.

Further out on Arkane's docket is the co-op, vampire-slaying open world of Redfall, which has been in the works at Arkane Austin for four years and is expected to hit PC and Xbox Series X and S in summer 2022. Deathloop is an Arkane Lyon production, and it's always cool to see how the two different studio locations build on each other's ideas as they go.

GR's Josh West argues that Redfall and Xbox Game Pass could help propel Arkane onto the global stage where it belongs.

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