Get every trophy and ending in Heavy Rain

Non scene-specific

Four Heroes (silver)
Complete the story with four characters alive
1) Finish the game with Ethan, Madison, Jayden and Shaun alive.
2) Ethan must avoid arrest and figure out the address of the warehouse from the clues.
3) Madison must survive the scene in the doctor’s basement, find the address on the laptop and escape the burning apartment.
4) Jayden must survive the Mad Jack encounter, and either find the killer’s identity by locating all of the ARI clues (see ‘Nerd’) or getting a call from Madison.

Heavy Rain Hero (bronze)
Finish Heavy Rain
1) Finish the game with any ending.

Trial Master (silver)
Succeed in all Ethan’s trials
1) Drive for five miles down the wrong side of the highway without failing.
2) Get through the broken glass and ALL of the electric fences.
3) Cut off your finger.
4) Kill the drug dealer.
5) Drink the poison.

Perfect Crime (gold)
Clean Manfred’s shop of evidence + Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die + Kill Madison and Jayden
1) See instructions for ‘Ending 7’ below.

Nerd (silver)
Find all clues using ARI and find the Origami Killer
1) Scan EVERY clue in all three crime scenes (the "wasteland," Mad Jack’s junkyard and the office in the Blue Lagoon) and combine them to discover the killer’s identity back at police HQ.

Saved the Kid (silver)
Save Shaun
1) Save Shaun from the warehouse as Ethan, Madison or Jayden.

All Endings (gold)
See all endings
1) See every possible ending (see below).

Endings Guide

Ending 1
Epilogues: New Life, Origami’s Grave, Case Closed
1) In ‘Killer’s Place’ find the warehouse address and escape the blaze, call Ethan and tell him where the warehouse is located.
2) In ‘The Old Warehouse’, Let Ethan save Shaun, get Madison to tell him about the police outside, get Jayden to kill Shelby, but save him from death by pulling him up when he slips.

Ending 2
Epilogues: Innocent, Heroine, Resignation
1) Find the warehouse address on the laptop, escape the apartment and don’t call anyone.
2) Have Madison save Shaun and have Shelby survive the fight scene.

Ending 3
Epilogues: Ethan’s Grave, Heroine, Unpunished
1) In ‘The Old Warehouse’, fail every event. Jayden dies, Madison does not warn Ethan about the police and he’s shot dead.

Ending 4
Epilogues: Helpless, Square One, A Mother’s Revenge
1) Don’t kiss Madison in ‘On the Loose’ and get caught by the SWAT team by not jumping off the building at the end.
2) Don’t let Lauren die in ‘Trapped’.
3) Make Jayden fail to identify the killer in ‘Solving the Puzzle’.
4) In ‘Killer’s Place’, don’t locate the address on the laptop and escape from the fire.

Ending 5
Epilogues: Tears in Rain
1) In ‘Killer’s Place’, don’t locate the address on the laptop and escape from the fire.

Ending 6
Epilogues: Origami Blues, Smoking Mirror
1) Don’t drink the poison in ‘The Rat’ and fail to guess the address of the warehouse correctly.
2) Make Jayden give up the investigation.
3) Kill Madison by failing to escape from the doctor’s basement.

Ending 7
Epilogues: New Life, Origami’s Grave, Case Closed
1) Let the robber kill Hassan, the shop keeper. Let Ethan get arrested in Fugitive.
2) Wipe away ALL of the fingerprints in Manfred’s antiques shop. Forgive Madison after discovering her secret.
3) Do not give Kramer his heart medicine. Do not save Lauren when you’re escaping from the car underwater.
4) When controlling Madison or Jayden in the penultimate scene, fail to follow the prompts when confronted by the Origami Killer.
5) If Jayden or Madison died in earlier scenes, ignore step 4.