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Get a free code to the Paladins closed beta on PS4 and Xbox One

Paladins is like the perfect blend of Team Fortress 2 and a 1980s Saturday morning cartoon: you've got your rock solid team- and role-based shooter competition with gorgeous, exaggerated characters.  After building a hearty following on PC, Paladins is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

The beta includes everything in the Season 1 patch with 22 champions, Champion customization via Legendaries, Card Deck Building, & in-match Items, three PVPlayer modes, as well as a co-op Challenge mode against AI enemies and a Competitive Ranked mode.

Hi-Rez Studios has provided us with 50,000 keys to the closed beta on Xbox One and 50,000 keys to the closed beta on PlayStation 4. Use the tool below to claim a key to your platform of choice.

Note: PS4 keys are only usable in North America and South America. Xbox One keys can be used internationally.