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Get an $8 pump action Nerf because you don't need a reason

(Image credit: Nerf)

There's nothing big or clever about this, it's a pump action Nerf gun for $8.75. That's it, that's the deal. I could talk about the $16 saving or something about... [waves hands]. Really you're buying it for this: 

Nerf N-Strike Modulus Mediator Pump-Action Blaster $8.75 | save $16. Fire six dart from the magazine as fast as you can pump it. View Deal

If you're not already sold then it takes a six round magazine so you can chamber a new dart with every pump. It's also part of the Nerf Mediator System which means it can be joined with a range of other attachments, in this case the Mediator Barrel and Mediator Stock which together makes the Mediator XL Blaster. 

You're obviously not going to do that though, you're just going to drive friends, family and loved ones up the wall with a 'think fast' barrage to orange foam darts that will only end when the gun breaks or someone hides it. Still, for eight bucks you might as well get two for a fun surprise.  

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