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Get a cheap XPS deal now in Dell's PC sale

Get a cheap XPS deal now in Dell's PC sale
(Image credit: Dell)

If you've been waiting to pounce on a cheap XPS deal, then now might be the time to strike. Over at Dell - in a far-reaching sale - there are discounts on the premium XPS range to be had. You'd be wise to check it out. Whether you're interested in a portable XPS laptop or even one of Dell's very potent XPS desktop PCs, the discounts really do make these tempting offers.

The highlights of the XPS discounts cover a range of models: the brand new XPS 13 Touch laptop, which has a modest saving but stands at $1,179.99 right now; the glorious 4K OLED XPS 15 laptop (that can handle games as well as productivity and work tasks with ease) which is down to $1,779.99 after a $170 discount; and the underrated and often overlooked XPS PC which will absolutely handle anything thrown at it and features an enormous saving of $500, bringing its price down to $1,499.99. Nice.

XPS machines are the cream of the crop from Dell's wide range, and they often bridge the gap between home, work, and play quite nicely. These are high-performing machines that ooze quality and style. 

These offers also cover your options for portability vs static machines - the portability of the XPS laptops combined with their capability sure is attractive, but I quite like the look of that PC and its sheer brutish power...

Dell XPS 13 Touch laptop | $1,179.99 at Dell
It's only a twenty buck saving but a saving is still a saving, right? Plus, it's off the brand new range - the exquisite Touch model. Featuring one of Intel's new 10th-generation processors, it will have the ability to crunch through a whole host of work and home tasks.View Deal

Dell XPS 15 laptop | $1,779.99 at Dell
This is indeed a meaty looking price tag, but then you're getting nearly 10% off the list price with the $170 saving. You're also getting the gorgeous 15.6-inch sized screen that features a 4K resolution and OLED tech and it even has a gaming-grade graphics card.

View Deal

Dell XPS Desktop Special Edition | $1,499.99 at Dell
With an enormous saving of $500, this is probably the best outright deal going given the bang for buck, and what you actually get for your money. If you're looking for a capable PC then this is it - it'll also chew up games pretty sweetly too.View Deal

As these items are perfect for working from home, it's definitely worthwhile teaming them with some quality peripherals too. We think the gaming peripherals are some of the best generally, offering way more bang for buck, so we recommend thinking about the best gaming mouse, the best gaming keyboard,  and the best gaming headset. These would be excellent additions to any setup - the fact that they are gaming ones only increases the benefit and bonus factor. 

For something purely gaming-focused, check out our guides to the best gaming PC and best gaming laptops.

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