Get 50% off these awesome AndaSeat Marvel gaming chairs with our exclusive code

AndaSeat Marvel
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AndaSeat Marvel gaming chairs have proved themselves to be some of the most popular in the company's history. For fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can now pick up some of these stylish comic book inspired seats for their cheapest price ever using our exclusive discount code: 'gamesradar' at checkout for 50% off your purchase. 

AndaSeat make fantastic chairs and the brand even has a few entries on our best gaming chairs guide. So you know you're getting a quality chair that's built to last.

Note: this code works on the Iron Man, Captain America, Ant Man and Spider-Man chairs only and not the upcoming Black Widow model.

Some of Marvel's most iconic superheroes have had their likenesses brilliantly represented through the all-over patterns that adorn each Andaseat model; there's the heavy-hitters - such as the Steve Ditko inspired Spider-Man (opens in new tab) gaming chair - as well as more contemporary modernizations as found in the movies, such as the Ant Man (opens in new tab) and Iron Man (opens in new tab) editions, too.

Normally, these AndaSeat Marvel gaming chairs would run you around between $399 and $549.99 depending on which character variant you're after; Ant Man (opens in new tab) being the cheapest and Spider-Man (opens in new tab) at the upper echelon of the price range.

AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition | $550 (opens in new tab)

AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition | $550 $283.25 at AndaSeat (opens in new tab)
Save $275 (50%) with code: 'gamesradar'. This is sure to be the perfect gaming chair for any Spider-Man fans out there; there's little doubt of that. The design largely speaks for itself, but one cool touch is how Spidey's white eyes are represented on the chair back; something that would otherwise be empty space.

AndaSeat Iron Man Edition | $470 (opens in new tab)

AndaSeat Iron Man Edition | $470 $242.05 at AndaSeat (opens in new tab)
Save $235 (50%) with code: 'gamesradar'. If the Armored Avenger is more your style, then you'll be hard-pressed to find anything cooler than this Mark IV-inspired gaming chair. It comes complete with headrest and lumbar support pillows as well.

AndaSeat Captain America Edition | $530 (opens in new tab)

AndaSeat Captain America Edition | $530 $272.95 at AndaSeat (opens in new tab)
Save $265 (50%) with code 'gamesradar'.
This AndaSeat model features everything you would expect to represent the First Avenger in the best light. However, more interestingly, it's also got a rocking mode, so you can sway back and forwards in full comfort while you game; the chair moves with you.

If you're interested in some of the other Marvel heroes and how they've fared through AndaSeat's designs, you can find the best of the rest deals below, and something a little different, too. 

If you're looking for seats costing a more modest sum, our picks for the best cheap gaming chair deals is sure to be more your speed, with lots of options for under $100. 

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