Gerard Depardieu explains airplane urination incident

Gerard Depardieu has appeared on television to explain why he urinated onto the floor on a flight to Dublin, and it may well end up being our favourite interview of the year.

Depardieu appeared on Anderson Cooper's CNN show to tell his side of a recent news story which painted him as a drunk who openly urinated onto the floor of the plane in front of his fellow passengers.

Gerard explained he had asked to go to the toilet, but the stewardess had blocked his path. Because he was so desperate, Depardieu attempted to urinate into a bottle. "I'm not a monster, I'm just a man who wants to pee," he said.

Sadly, some of it accidentally spilled onto the floor. But Mr Depardieu had an explanation for that, too. "The bottle was too small. I am an elephant."

But don't just read about it - we beg you to watch the full video below, mainly because it'll make you openly weep with laughter.

Depardieu's impression of an amateur journalist is particularly hilarious but, let's face it, this 5-minute interview is funnier than most 90-minute comedies.

Mr. Depardieu, you are a legend, sir.

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