Gerard Butler and Mike Colter's Plane is being called an "old-school action movie" after new trailer

Gerard Butler and Mike Colter are teaming up for an action thriller called Plane. Yep, just Plane. The upcoming movie – directed by Jean-François Richet – follows Butler’s pilot Brodie Torrance as he must navigate a tricky landing after his plane is struck by lightning. One of the passengers he saves is Louis Gaspare (Colter), an accused murderer who was being transported on board by the FBI.

When Brodie finds out that landing the plane was just the beginning of his issues, he and Louis must team up to rescue his crew and passengers from a potentially hostile situation. The first trailer gives us a glimpse at all of this, as we see the terrifying crash and the tense situation that awaits them on a war-torn island.

The clip also introduces Tony Goldwyn as former Special Forces agent Scarsdale, as well as teasing some of the action you’d be expecting from a Butler movie. Both he and Luke Cage’s Colter look typically badass as they take on their new enemies. "I like this guy," Scarsdale says after witnessing Brodie in action beating up one of the mercenaries.

The trailer has done enough to hook plenty of viewers in too, with many saying it reminds them of classic action films. "A good old action movie, now that's what I am talking about," writes one fan on the YouTube video. A second agrees, adding: "This looks like the kind of action movie we got back in the '90s."

"If Gerard Butler is in it, you know it’s going to be badass," another writes, while a fourth continues: "I'll watch anything with Luke Cage in it."

"It doesn't need to be more complicated than this," a fifth viewer says. "It's not gonna make us 'think about stuff on a deeper level,' it's not gonna win an Oscar, but that's not why we're gonna watch it."

Plane reaches theaters on January 27, 2023. For what else to add to your watchlist, check out the other upcoming movie release dates on the way in 2022 and beyond.

Fay Watson
Deputy Entertainment Editor

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