Geralt is joining Gwent: The Witcher Card Game as a customizable hero skin

Geralt of Rivia is officially joining the roster for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. 

You might be surprised to learn that the Witcher himself isn't already in the Witcher card game, and if so, you'll probably be more surprised to learn that his appearance was initially teased as an April Fool's joke, because that's how far-fetched it seemed. 

Nevertheless, Geralt is here. He's a legendary hero skin that's part of Gwent's new seasonal journey, a three-month battle pass-esque unlock system that awards new loot and cosmetics as you win matches. Geralt is included in the free tier, but you can purchase the premium pass to immediately unlock him. 

The premium pass will also get you more ways to customize Geralt, which is one of the selling points for him as a hero. You can equip different weapons and armor to change Geralt's look, and Gwent's got everything from silver swords to frying pans to renaissance masks. Players will also unlock Geralt-themed ornaments as they progress through their seasonal journey. 

Interestingly, CD Projekt Red says each week of the journey will feature "a new part of our story focusing on Geralt." It's unclear what part of the Witcher lexicon these stories are pulling from, or if they're actually Gwent originals, but it's cool to see proper storytelling blended into Gwent. Judging from Geralt's youthful, unscarred appearance, I'd wager Gwent will focus on a much younger Geralt than the grizzled veteran we're used to. 

Good news for Geralt fans: a new Witcher game will begin development "immediately" after Cyberpunk 2077 is released.  

Austin Wood

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