Geralt and Ciri of The Witcher are coming to free-to-play MMO Lost Ark

Ciri in the Witcher 3
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

Free-to-play MMO Lost Ark is getting some help with its monster problems, as the devs have officially announced a crossover with The Witcher.

As both the official Lost Ark and Witcher accounts ask (opens in new tab) on Twitter (opens in new tab), "What new adventures will Geralt stumble upon in Arkesia? Find out when The Witcher arrives in Lost Ark early 2023!" That's the extent of the official details on the crossover - at least for the worldwide version of the game.

This crossover was actually announced for the Korean version of Lost Ark back in June. That announcement (opens in new tab) billed it specifically as a Witcher 3 event, while the global announcement is using generic Witcher branding. While the Witcher is obviously quite popular among English-speaking gamers, Lost Ark's crossovers are typically region-exclusive, so fans were uncertain whether this event would go global.

Ciri from The Witcher appears in Lost Ark

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As part of Lost Ark's Korean fourth anniversary stream, the devs showed off a few images of the crossover, which were quickly shared for the global audience by fans on Reddit (opens in new tab). In three screenshots, we see a festive village overlooked by a mountain carved in the shape of the wolf medallion, as well as the player character interacting with both Geralt and Ciri.

While the global version of Lost Ark won't get the Witcher collab until early 2023, the event is set to hit the Korean version by the end of the year. Expect a lot more info about what to expect to cross international waters soon.

Lost Ark fans recently found controversy over performance differences between the two versions of the game, while Witcher fans are about to drown in the flood of all the upcoming CD Projekt Red games.

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