How to get salt in Genshin Impact, locations and recipes

Genshin Impact Salt
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Genshin Impact salt is a cooking ingredient that can’t be obtained from the wild. That’s quite unusual, but not to worry: it’s actually pretty easy to fill up your inventory with a large stack of salt in no time.

Here’s every salt location in Genshin Impact. In case you want to know all it’s uses, we’ll also list every salt recipe in the game below.

How to get salt in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Salt

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The only way to get salt in Genshin Impact is by buying it from food shops. You’ll find three of these ingredient stores in the game (one in every region). We’ll take a closer look at the salt locations below.

The salt supply is the same for every shop: you can buy up to 100 a day, so 300 in total if you visit every store owner. The supply refreshes daily. The usual price is also the same: 60 Mora per stack of salt, so 6.000 if you buy the store’s full stack.

However, if you’re Reputation level in that region is at least four, you’ll get the Merchant Discount. Instead of 60, one stack of Salt costs 50 Mora. If you’ve unlocked this discount in one or more Genshin Impact regions, that’s the best place to buy your salt.

Every salt location in Genshin Impact  

Genshin Impact Salt

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As mentioned, there are only three stores selling salt in Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, none of them has an icon displayed on the map, so it can be difficult to find them. Use the picture and the locations descriptions to get your salt:

  • Shopkeeper Blanche in Mondstadt. From the Teleport Waypoint, go down the stairs. You’ll see the crafting table in this area (it has an icon on the map). Blanche has her shop right next to it.
  • Shopkeeper Dongsheng in Liyue Harbor. Use the southernmost teleport Waypoint in the city, then turn to your right. You see two food vendors here; the one you need for the salt is the one on the right: Dongsheng.
  • Shopkeeper Aoi in Inazuma City. Fast travel to the Teleport Waypoint in the southern part of the city. You’ll see shopkeeper Aoi on your right, just a few paces away.

How to use salt in Genshin Impact: every salt recipe

Genshin Impact Salt

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Salt is one of the many cooking ingredients in Genshin Impact. It can either be used in dishes directly, or to prepare other ingredients (such as Smoked Fowl or Ham). Salt is currently not used in potions or other crafting recipes. 

Here’s a full list of cooking recipes including salt:

  • All-Weather Beauty: one salt, one fish.
  • Dry-Braised Salted Fish: one salt, one fish.
  • Radish and Fish Stew: one salt, two fish, two radish.
  • Black-Back Perch Stew: one salt, three fish, one Jueyun Chili, one Violetgrass.
  • Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish: one salt, three fish, one Jueyun Chili, one Violetgrass.
  • Sunshine Sprat: one salt, three fish, three butter, one small lamp grass.
  • Woodland Dream: one salt, three fish, three butter, one small lamp grass.
  • Unagi Chazuke: one salt, four unagi meat, three rice, three seagrass.
  • Golden Crab: two salt, five flour, four crab, five bird eggs.
  • Zhongyuan Chop Suey: two salt, three fish, three flour, three raw meat.

And these are the cooking ingredients prepared with salt:

  • Ham: one salt, two raw meat.
  • Smoked Fowl: one salt, three fowl.
  • Bacon: two salt, two raw meat.

Have fun with the shopping and cooking!

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