Genshin Impact players are getting crushed by dogs with a million health

Genshin Impact
(Image credit: MiHoYo)

The latest Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss update added the new Rifthound enemies to the end-game dungeon, and they are absolutely taking names – and soaking up hits like the spongiest bullet sponges to ever sponge bullets. 

Rifthounds were first introduced with the latest Inazuma island, and we just recently met the Golden Wolflord, a new world boss and the leader of the ethereal canines. But this is the first time players have fought them in the Spiral Abyss, and the dungeon's scaled-up wolves have put the Golden Wolflord to shame. 

The leader of the rifthounds is big, slow-moving, and has clearly telegraphed attacks. The rifthounds in the Spiral Abyss are none of these things, plus they have more health, with the bigger ones approaching one million health according to datamined numbers. Bear in mind, you fight two of these things at once in one floor of the dungeon, and that's just one wave of that floor. They teleport like mad, attack seemingly out of nowhere, and even the smaller ones have health bars that would embarrass most event bosses. 

The Spiral Abyss has been getting harder and harder (or at least adding tankier and tankier enemies) for months, and its latest update ramped things up more than ever, sparking discussion around how unapproachable the dungeon can be for some players, especially newer folks. One of the hottest posts on the game's subreddit calls for additional floors to be added to the Spiral Abyss rather than tankier enemies, or for the rewards from the dungeon to at least be improved to match its increasing difficulty. 

Another post correctly points out that it's a tough problem to solve. As hardcore players improve their accounts and stronger characters are added to the game, it's good for Genshin Impact to provide challenges that push players to their limits. That said, impossibly tanky dogs may not be the most elegant solution. 

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