Genshin Impact Kokomi trailer makes the new five-star healer look more elegant than ever

A new Genshin Impact Kokomi trailer has arrived just one week ahead of the next in-game Wish banner, introducing new details on the upcoming five-star healer. 

Sangonomiya Kokomi, Watatsumi Island's so-called Pearl of Wisdom, is a new hydro catalyst user described as "a support character with excellent healing abilities." Voiced by Risa Mei in English and Mimori Suzuko in Japanese, Kokomi will already be somewhat familiar to Genshin Impact players who've cleared the current Inazuma quests. Still, this trailer is an insightful, lovingly animated look into her upbringing and personality, and MiHoYo's also dropped some extra character details along with it. 

Kokomi's trailer details the pushback she faced in her position as a divine priestess more interested in warfare than religion or government. This lines up with her position as a revered rebel strategist in the main story, and almost paints her military work as an escape from the pressures of the temple. 

"My journey with you will be an opportunity to unwind," Kokomi tells the playable Traveler in one line. "Ahem, I mean… to survey our borders. Don't worry, I've left behind ample directives in my absence, and have also completed the island's projected development plans. Departing for a brief period will be of little consequence." 

The official character breakdown for Kokomi tells us a bit more about what she's capable of in your party. Her normal attacks send hydro fish summons crashing into enemies, and when her elemental burst is active, these fish and her explosive charged attack will deal bonus damage and heal party members based on her max HP. The jellyfish summoned by her elemental skill, which deals ticking hydro damage and also heals nearby party members, is also boosted by her burst. This makes her sound a bit like Yanfei, but with the major additions of healing and hydro application that could give her a unique spot in some team compositions.

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