Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Event Guide

Genshin Impact Gliding Challeng
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The Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge is ramping up with day six. This new course, just east of Mt. Aozang features a low flying start and a final run full of bombs to avoid while still trying to keep up speed. The fact these explosives try and actively get in the way just adds to the fun.  

Even the start has it's challenges with cliffs to glide glide carefully around before you even get to the bombs. As ever there are insignias to collect and overall each of the challenges is a neat way to get extra chances to earn rewards like useful items and in-game currencies such as Primogems. There are seven challenges in total so only one more to go so we'll see you tomorrow for out last flight.

Gliding Challenges Guide

Challenge 1: Birds in the Breeze. 

Genshin Impact Gliding Challeng

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The first gliding challenge can be found southeast of Luhua Pool. Travel in that direction from the nearest Statue of the Seven, and you will easily spot Hughes and the starting mechanism near the edge of a cliff. The course will appear on your right hand; leading down through the nearby tunnel under the cliff.

Once you start the challenge, don’t open your glider right away; you will be too high for the first ring. Run towards the lower cliff edge first. But most importantly; save up the Sprint ability for the last part of the track. You will be flying over water in a relatively straight line, and you can’t make it without a boost.

Challenge 2: Spread Your Wings

genshin impact gliding challenge

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The second gliding challenge is located south of Mt. Aozang, in the west part of Liyue. Go to the Teleport Waypoint and look down from the edge of the cliff; you will see the red starting mechanism far below.

There are no special obstacles during this course, but it can be difficult to stay on track. You need to use the upwards wind current to reach the first Anemo ring, which can easily boost you too high. Try to fly through it quickly. Furthermore, save the Sprint for the last part; this is mostly a straight line to the finish, but you need enough speed and height to hit every Anemo ring.

Challenge 3: Fly with the Wind

Genshin Gliding challenge

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The third gliding challenge is located between Springvale and Windrise. You can spot the red mechanism on top of a cliff in the distance while walking from the Statue of the Seven in Windrise. 

This gliding track splits in two twice. After the first split, take the route on your left; this one has particles to charge up your Sprint ability. After the second split, taking the left route is easier because the Anemo rings are closer together, but the one on the right contains particles and insignias. The right one is definitely the better option if you managed to charge your Sprint. Use a boost to get the last insignia; it’s located high above the finish point and easy to overlook.

Challenge 4: Wind barriers

Genshin Impact gliding challenge

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The fourth challenge is found between Jueyun Karst and Cuijue Slope. Go to the nearby Teleport Waypoint and climb the rocks to find the starting point.

Beware of the special obstacle in this course; the Wind Breakers. Flying through these orange rings will make you lose your speed, so try to avoid this. If that’s not an option, you can also fly through them and immediately use your Sprint ability. There are lots of particles in this course, so charging Sprint should be fairly easy. Finally, the course will split in two near the end; the left side has Anemo rings, the right side only has particles and insignias. Although it is more difficult, you can use your Sprint ability to take the right route and get a higher score.

Challenge 5: Cloudy View

Genshin Impact Gliding challenge

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The fifth challenge can be found on top of Mt. Tianheng. Walk to the northern part of the mountain to see it.

The first part of the course spirals downwards to your right. There are lots of particles for your Sprint ability, allowing you to dash through quickly. However, after collecting the first two insignias, you can decide to cut corners by leaving the track and going straight to the lower Anemo rings. Watch out for the Dusty Balloons in front of the Anemo rings; hitting them will obstruct your view.

Challenge 6: Explosions in the Sky

Genshin Impact gliding challange

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The sixth challenge starts east of Mt. Aozang. Travel to the Teleport Waypoint; the starting mechanism is right next to it.

This challenge starts low to the ground. You will have to maneuver carefully through the cliffs. If you get into trouble, however, you can simply use Ascend to fly up and avoid collision. Just make sure not to miss the three insignias in this part.

The final stage of this course features Exploding Bombs. They will move in front of the Anemo rings, but you can avoid them without losing much speed using the Sprint ability. After completing this part, make sure you land on the platform in the sky (not on the ground).

How to participate in the event

Genshin Impact Gliding Challeng

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You can participate in the Gliding Challenge between December 4 and December 14, as long as you have an Adventure Rank of 20 or higher. Every day for the duration of seven days, a new gliding course will unlock. You don’t have to play them right away though; just make sure you complete them all before the event ends if you don’t want to miss any rewards.  

You can find the challenges by opening your Event menu in the game. Click on ‘Gliding Challenge’ and then on ‘quest details’. You can now see the challenge menu. Click ‘Go to challenge’ to open up the map and find the starting location. This spot is marked by an icon in the shape of a bird.

Rules and rewards

Genshin Impact Gliding Challeng

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Every challenge consists of a wind tunnel course (the sparkling white Anemo rings) which you need to complete before the time runs out. The timer starts as soon as you activate the challenge through the red mechanism, so it’s best to jump and glide without delay. Gliding through the rings will give you a speed boost, but missing a few is not a problem as long as you stay within the time limit and avoid landing on the ground. 

Although your priority is to complete the course in time, you will also get a score. This score will be determined by the time it takes you to complete the gliding course and the number of insignias you manage to collect. The insignias look like big coins; they are easy enough to spot, but they can also easily be missed. 

Your score will determine what medal you get; bronze, silver or gold. Of course, the higher the medal, the better your reward. The rewards consist of Mora, Primogems, Talent Level-Up Material, Character EXP Material and Weapon Enhancement Material. There’s also an Event Battle Pass mission, which can be completed by winning a gold medal in the first gliding challenge.

Using the special gliding skills

Genshin Impact Gliding Challeng

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There are two event-only gliding skills you can use while taking on a challenge: Sprint and Ascend. The Ascend button will make your character fly upwards. This is very useful if you’ve missed too many Anemo rings and you’re in danger of hitting the ground. Be careful though; using Ascend can easily boost you too high. If that happens, you can always lose height by closing your glider, dropping a bit, and opening your glider again. If you manage to stay on track the entire course, there is no need to use Ascend.

Keep an eye on the Sprint ability in the lower right corner of your screen; once it’s full, you can use it to boost your character forward. The Sprint ability can be charged by collecting small blue particles during the challenge. There will be plenty of them in the middle of the wind tunnel course. You can stack up to two full Sprint charges.


Some of the gliding challenges will require you to avoid certain obstacles. The Wind Breakers, for example, are orange rings that do not allow wind to pass. Gliding through them will make you lose your speed, so try to fly around!

You may also encounter Dusty Balloons, which will smear your screen with mud if you hit them, or Explosive Balloons, which will blow you off track upon collision.

A few more Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge tips

Genshin Impact Gliding Challeng

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  • Don’t worry about timing, insignias and rewards on your first attempt. You can try again as often as you like, and you have a much better chance to get a high score once you know the course.
  • Keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything perfectly to get a gold medal. Missing several Anemo rings, turning back to grab an insignia and then finishing can still result in a high score. 
  • You don’t need to give up immediately after hitting the ground. There is no penalty as long as you start gliding again within a few seconds. 
  • You don’t have to hit all the particles to charge your Sprint ability, and you don’t get points for collecting them. Focus on getting the insignias instead.
  • Save the Sprint ability for straight lines!
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