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How to play the Genshin Impact co-op event and claim your Elemental Crucible rewards

Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Co-op
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The new Genshin Impact co-op event, the Elemental Crucible, will let players participate in a Domain-like battle on the grounds of the Thousand Winds Temple. As the title says, the event will be co-op, meaning that you will be part of a team of four players. Story-wise, you will be helping a character called Timaeus, who is an aspiring Alchemist and has a plan to win more resources by using his Elemental Crucible.

This online event is a great way to boost your Character levels, as well as your Adventure Rank. You will also be able to gain several rewards in the form of in-game currencies and item enhancements. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to make the most out of this limited-time event. 

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How to start the Genshin Impact co-op event

How to start the Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible co-op event

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To take part in Elemental Crucible, you need to be a bit advanced in the game. First of all, players need to have an Adventure Rank level of at least 20. You can check your AR under your character name in the main menu. You have probably already done this if you’re level 20 or higher, but you also need to complete all of the quests from Act II of the Prologue: ‘For A Tomorrow Without Tears’. Finally, you have to do Timaeus’ quest ‘One Giant Step For Alchemy?’ before you’re able to proceed with the event. 

Do you meet all these requirements? Then you can open the event menu by using F5 on the PC, by clicking the compass on your mobile phone, or through the Shortcut Wheel on the Playstation 4.

Teaming up in the Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible

Teaming up in the Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible event

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This event requires four-player teams. You can join a friend’s game, but beware that the rewards for all party members will be based on the World Level of the host, and the host might be a lower level than you. A player with a lower World Level can’t join a player with a higher World Level.

You should also make sure that all party members have spoken with Timaeus, or the Elemental Crucible cannot be ignited and the rest of the party has to wait for that one player. 

Don’t know anyone to team up with? That’s not a problem; matchmaking will start automatically when you ignite the Elemental Crucible. If you’re playing with a friend, the other two slots will be automatically filled as well.

How to feed the Elemental Crucible in the Genshin Impact Elemental co-op event

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If you haven’t completed ‘One Giant Step for Alchemy?’ yet, start by talking to the quest-giver, Timaeus, in the Alchemy Shop in Mondstadt. He will ask you to go to the Thousand Winds Temple, which is located east on the map. Once you’re there, you will find Timaeus next to the Elemental Crucible. Talk to him to complete ‘One Giant Step for Alchemy?’ and the event will start. 

You will then find yourself on the battlefield together with the three other players. Enemies will pop up everywhere around you. Defeat them to collect the Elemental Clots they drop. You need to feed the Elemental Clots to the Elemental Crucible in order to trigger an alchemic transmutation. Remember that you only have 15 minutes to fill up the Crucible. The bar in the middle of the screen will tell you how much Elemental Energy is still needed.

Be careful while picking up and transporting Elemental Clots; they will react with other elements. Elemental reactions may shrink your Elemental Clots, so try to avoid this. Always carry the same type of elements at a given time. Furthermore, the more Elemental Clots of the same type you carry (up to three at the same time), the easier it will become. The Crucible can enhance your character to help you to fill the bar faster. 

How to claim Genshin Impact Elem co-op event rewards

How to claim Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible co-op event rewards

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Of course, players will get some nice rewards in return for all this effort. Scaled according to your World Level, you will get an amount of Character Experience and Adventure Rank Experience.

However, you will need to spend 40 Original Resin in order to claim these rewards. If you’re low on Resin, and you don’t want to wait, you can always use Primogems for a refill. Otherwise, Original Resin fills up at a rate of 1 per 8 minutes and has a maximum of 120. So, unless you don’t mind missing out on Character and Adventure Rank experience, make sure to check your Original Resin before igniting the Elemental Crucible!

Additionally, you should open your Alchemy Handbook to collect rewards from the event achievements. The achievements will range from completing transmutations to defeating a certain number of enemies and reaching higher levels of alchemical efficiency. The rewards consist of Ascension materials, Primogems, enhancement materials and more.

Note that you don’t need to spend any Original Resin to collect achievements! 

Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible co-op tips

Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible co-op tips

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While all that should help you find start and complete the Genshin Impact co-op eventm, here are a few general Elemental Crucible tips should also help you out.   

  • The Elemental Crucible event grants a lot of Experience. Running it several times is therefore a good idea if you want to level your Characters and Adventure Rank quickly. 
  • The best way to successfully charge the Elemental Crucible, is by great teamplay. It will help a lot if every player has a different elemental type. Teammates should also consider dividing the elemental types they’re going for, as well as covering a certain part of the temple grounds each, to avoid missing Elemental Clots. 
  • For this event, you will want to do high damage and be fast. Consider using some food for extra stamina. After all, the objective is to feed the Elemental Clots to the Crucible as fast as you can, so extra speed will come in handy.
  • Elite enemies will drop bigger Elemental Clots! To fill the Crucible as quickly as possible, make sure to prioritize the important enemies. 
  • Make sure you have already selected the character you want to play with or be very quick and change it at the very beginning of the battle though your party selection screen. 
  • A final tip: if you’re playing with random teammates, don’t be afraid to use the chat in the lower left corner of your screen. If someone if running the event for the first time, they may focus too much on killing enemies instead of powering up the Elemental Crucible, for example. Best to help them out!
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