Genshin Impact Broken Isle puzzle guide

Genshin Impact Broken Isle
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The Genshin Impact Broken Isle puzzle is one of the hardest parts of the Golden Apple Archipelago event. Unless you figure out where to go and what to unlock, those three Precious Chests seem very much out of reach. And that’s a pity, because one of them contains the Allegro Bloom Special Tuning event-exclusive Serenitea Pot blueprint. 

No worries, you’ll get that golden bloom. In this Genshin Impact Broken Isle puzzle guide, we’ll talk you through the whole process, from lighting the torches to unlocking the Precious Chest door. 

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How to unlock the Broken Isle puzzle

Genshin Impact Broken Isle

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The Broken Isle puzzle is hidden in an underground cave area. To unlock it, you must first complete a large chunk of the Blazin’ Trails quest (part of The Island’s Stirring Strings challenge). At some point during the quest, you will see a brand-new Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conch location pop up on your mini map. 

Although this basically shows you the puzzle location, don’t go there yet; most of the Broken Isle puzzle is still locked. Even after the second “clear the veins” objective, which grants you access to the cave and the first torch puzzle, you still won’t be able to obtain the Precious Chests. 

To make things easier, our advice is to complete the full Blazin’ Trails quest before going to the puzzle location. Once that’s done, enter the cave in the northwestern corner of the island, as shown in the picture. Oh, and don’t forget: you need a Pyro character on the team.

Genshin Impact Broken Isle torches puzzle

Genshin Impact Broken Isle

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The first step of the Broken Isle puzzle is simple; light up the four nearby torches, then activate the Pyro mechanism in the middle. After lowering the water level, cross the pool to find the second torch puzzle. This one is a bit harder:

  • Torch one: next to the pool you just crossed, on a small ledge.
  • Torch two: right next to the Pyro mechanism, can’t miss it.
  • Torch three: next to the wooden staircase, on the left side. It’s easy to overlook.
  • Torch four: go up the wooden stairs, then through the magic doorway. The torch will be right in front of you on the other side.

After that, return through the magic door and activate the second Pyro mechanism. The water level is lowered again, and you’re free to grab the Phantasmal Conch: Central Camp Image II.

Genshin Impact Broken Isle three Precious Chests puzzle

Genshin Impact Broken Isle

(Image credit: miHoYo)

The final part of the Broken Isle puzzle involves a sealed door and three Precious Chests. You can already see them at the end of the lower tunnel. Unfortunately, the door is blocked by large roots. Here’s how to get rid of them:

  • Teleport back to The Island’s Stirring Strings Domain entrance. Use the drum to “change the mountain style” (see picture). The mountain on top of the Broken Isle puzzle should now be much higher. Remember: you can only do this after completing the full Blazin’ Trails quest.
  • Teleport to the eastern Broken Isle peak, enter another cave entrance on the southwest side of the mountain’s base (marked with a red cross in the picture). Use the magic door inside to teleport back to the Broken Isle puzzle location.
  • To solve the Melodic Blooms puzzle, just turn the Bloom in the middle (between the Melodic Harp and the sealed door) once. Then fire the Harp. 

That should do the trick. You just solved the Genshin Impact Broken Isle puzzle, so it’s time to loot those well-earned Precious Chests!

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