Gellar's new Grudge

It’s official: Sarah Michelle Gellar will once more wear the wide-eyed face of terror as Karen Davis in The Grudge 2.

Given how well the original performed at the box office, raking in more than $186 million worldwide, it was somehow inevitable that the producers would kick-start a sequel. What was less certain was SMG returning.

Talking to horror site Dread Central, screenwriter Stephen Susco admits that they’re hard at work: “Without giving anything away, we’ve all been pretty focused on making a sequel that has a strong raison d’être – a second chapter to an involving story, instead of just a sequel that’s made just because the first one performed well.”

Word of advice, Steve: using French doesn’t make us think that the intention is entirely artistic and creative. Still, they’ve put Grudge specialist Takashi Shimizu back into the director’s chair and staked out a 20 January start date. We’ll bring you more details when we can, but here’s a hot tip: expect a spooky boy or girl with black hair. Just saying…