Gears of War 3 box art revealed

Following yesterday's announcement of an official release date for Gears of War 3, we now have the official box art as well. What will the game you pick up on September 20 look like? This:

At last night's preview event for the multiplayer beta (watch for our hands-on impressions later today), Gears creator Cliff Bleszinski discussed how happy his team was with this box art, especially because of the visual evolution from entry to entry. Lining up the three games, we see what he means. The color palette gets a little brighter and more hopeful each time, while Marcus gets a little moodier and less hopeful. An interesting contrast.

In the wider, wallpaper-worthy version of the box art below, you'll notice other clues and teases for Gears of War 3 as well. Anya is holding the new Retro Lancer, with a bayonet blade instead of a chainsaw, while Dom is armed with the new Sawed-Off Shotgun and Cole is equipped with the new One Shot. Lambent Stalks attack soldiers in the background and Locust slave ships fly through the skies above. Finally, check out what's lying next to Baird's feet… a broken JACK? Say it ain't so!

Click here for a closer look

Got an opinion on the new Gears 3 box art? Notice something we didn't? Share away in the comments.

UPDATE: We just noticed that the soldier closest to certain death in the image above is none other than... Carmine! Click the link for a supersized version, then study the background between Anya and Baird. See who that stalk is about to impale? Wonder which waythe votewent...

Feb 24, 2011

Charlie Barratt
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