Looks like a new Bulletstorm or Duke Nukem game will be announced at PAX - Which do you want to see?

Gearbox certainly has been active lately. As well as teasing a Borderlands 3 reveal and a brand-new game about robots, its latest tweet is implying that it’s either announcing a new Bulletstorm or Duke Nukem game. Because three is the magic number, right? Honestly, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised Gearbox announces both games because it’s clearly leaning into a chaotic good alignment which I am very much into. 

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Gearbox’s tweet with those two buff lads is hard to misinterpret, but I’ll make things as clear as possible: on the right you have cigar-smoking, bubble-gum chewing Duke Nukem, while on the left there’s Ishi Sato, the cyborg that accompanies you throughout Bulletstorm (and is the wrong way round, by the way, as the side facing the camera should be his cyborg-y side). If you ask me it’s surprising that central character Grayson Hunt isn’t in the picture, but I’m willing to let it slide because oh my lord Gearbox please bestow upon us unworthy disciples a new Bulletstorm

Way back in 2011 Bulletstorm was released to critical acclaim (we gave it five stars) thanks to the creativity it offered you in the form of guns - so, so many guns - and the unforgettable slo-mo-whip energy leash, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for Duke Nukem Forever, which was more or less a hot mess and was riddled with blurry textures, glitches, and very long load screens. I know which one I’d rather play given the choice, but what do you think, dear reader? Vote below and let us know whether you’d rather execute ridiculous feats of bullet ballet in Bulletstorm 2 or kick ass as Duke Nukem. 

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