Gaze upon the Circle of Doom

Xbox 360 and PC owners who've been itching to beat up a lot of monsters for thrills and riches need look no further than Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom when it's released early next year, and the screens below are sure to feed your appetite.

The previous KUF titles on Xbox - Crusaders and Heroes - were memorably chunky, strategic army-slaughtering titles, which made developer Phantagram's flawed Xbox 360 effort, Ninety-Nine Nights, even more disappointing.

With Circle of Doom, though, the armies are gone, replaced by a next-gen Gauntlet-style adventure; your chosen champion must work their way through randomly generated dungeons, chopping down huge swarms of monsters along the way. And again, in fine Gauntlet style, you'll be able to team up with up to four other players to ramp up the action.

We'll know more about Circle of Doom soon - like what kind of RPG elements are going to work themselves into the mix, and whether we can expect a whole spreadsheet's worth of items and weapons to find - but, until then, check out the screens above.

October 2, 2006