Gareth Edwards meets Darth Vader

Godzilla director Gareth Edwards has met Darth Vader ahead of his work on the first Star Wars spin-off.

Okay, so there’s (probably) no one inside that Vader suit, but this is the moment that Edwards and screenwriter Gary Whitta stepped into the Lucasfilm world – marking the moment with a cosy group photo.

“This will be day long remembered” Tweeted Whitta, best known for his work on Will Smith family sci-fi After Earth and Denzel Washington dud The Book Of Eli , calling Vader his “new boss”.

Vader, of course, won’t be his new boss at all (unless the spin-off is set before the end of Return Of The Jedi or J.J. Abrams goes really heavy on a force ghost Anakin…), but Edwards will. Stepping aboard the first Episode VII spin-off, the Godzilla director is expected to deliver a stand-alone Star Wars movie by December 16, 2016.

Will it be Boba Fett? Will it be Han Solo? Will it be Max Rebo? (Probably not)