Gaming’s most devastating genital attacks

The attack: Sickle to scrotum

Now we’re getting into really nasty, close-up territory, so those of you with the constitution of a bedridden grandmother might want to look away now. For everyone else, there’s Manhunt’s second-tier sickle execution, which sees death-row inmate James Earl Cash creeping up behind an enemy with a raised sickle…

… swinging it, point-first, into said enemy’s junk from behind…


And then yanking it straight back and through his victim’s body, setting our fevered imaginations to work on the impossible levels of pain that would come from such a death.

A gonad-centric execution from Manhunt isn’t really surprising; what’s surprising is that there weren’t more like it. In all honesty, though, we kind of got it out of our system when we made this video:

Wince factor:

Wince factor:

Wince factor:

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