BioShock Infinite-esque steampunk RPG Clockwork Revolution's release window may have leaked early, possibly confirming a 2025 launch

Clockwork Revolution screenshot showing an older man in steampunk-y histroical clothing grimacing
(Image credit: InXile Entertainment)

Eagle-eyed fans may have just spotted Clockwork Revolution's long-awaited release window - and if the proposed date is true, fans won't have to wait too much longer.

Over a year has now passed since Microsoft first revealed InXile Entertainment's upcoming RPG Clockwork Revolution during the Xbox Games Showcase 2023. The game, which features a striking steampunky resemblance to BioShock Infinite, hasn't received much news since then - with no word of a release date. Thanks to a recent online discovery though, there could be a targeted launch window in place already.

Fans have stumbled across voice actor Mike Bodie's public resume, which showcases some of his previous projects - and more significantly, his current ones. The actor, known for his work on other iconic games like Atomic Heart, lists various unreleased titles alongside their developers. Each one carries an "NDA" marker beside it, signifying that information about them is to remain confidential under a non-disclosure agreement.

One in particular stands out, abbreviated to just "CWRKRV" - which looks a whole lot like Clockwork Revolution. Bodie's role is listed as "Smudge/Zealot" and the game's developer is shown to be none other than InXile. As for a release window, the voice actor's resume lists it as 2025. While this supposed launch year hasn't been officially confirmed yet and the date on Bodie's resume could be misleading, it's exciting to possibly have something to fill the void ahead of BioShock 4.

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Anna Koselke
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