Baldur's Gate 3 leads gather at the same place they considered how to finish the RPG 2 years ago to discuss "lift-off" for what's next: "Spirits are high"

Baldur's Gate 3 emperor
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Baldur's Gate 3 developers are meeting to discuss "lift-off," and the studio's CEO says that "spirits are high."

Posting on Twitter, Larian Studios CEO Swen Vincke reveals that the developer's "lead summit" is about to begin today. The picture accompanying that tweet below is also where Baldur's Gate 3's lead developers met two years ago to discuss "how to finish" the huge RPG, but this time, the leads are meeting to discuss Larian's new game.

This is the "lift-off" part of Vincke's tweet above, who also adds that "spirits are high" and "morale is good," which is obviously what you'd want to hear from any developer, hundreds of people strong, looking to begin full production on its next game.

When we last heard what's next for Larian, the developer had two brand-new projects in development, both of which were original concepts rather than a continuation of an existing series like Baldur's Gate 3. Perhaps Larian is meeting to discuss both of its new games rather than one or the other.

It's also nice to hear that "morale is good" at Larian. This is just over half a year removed from when Larian decided to scrap Baldur's Gate 3's DLC due to low staff morale in January. Vincke revealed that when he announced the DLC was being canceled, he saw "so many elated faces," in part because no one really wanted to make it in the first place.

In terms of Baldur's Gate 3, though, we've still got full modding support to come in September, which Vincke previously said would be the moment at which Larian passes the reigns to players

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