Monster Hunter Wilds director wants to create the series' biggest ecosystem yet by pushing the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S "to the max"

Monster Hunter Wilds SGF hands off preview
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Monster Hunter Wilds' director is keen to "use the specs of the hardware to the max" for Capcom's new game.

Speaking to PC Gamer at Summer Game Fest 2024, Monster Hunter veteran and Wilds director Yuya Tokuda remarks how "bowled over" he was by the trailers for the first Monster Hunter game, which launched when he hadn't yet joined Capcom as a developer. Tokuda is especially excited about exploring Monster Hunter Wilds' thriving ecosystem. 

"To be honest, it was always clear in my mind that was the direction I wanted to take it," the director told the outlet. "Any Monster Hunter game where I'm director is always going to be focusing on the ecosystem element. As the hardware generations we're working on get more and more powerful, I want to use the specs of the hardware to the max in order to depict as convincing a living, breathing world as I possibly can."

For a little added context, Tokuda was also the director of 2018's excellent Monster Hunter World, which launched the Capcom series to new heights sales-wise but was also by far and away the biggest game in the Monster Hunter series to date. If Wilds' trailers are anything to go off so far, it definitely looks like the new game is rivaling World in terms of size and scope. 

Additionally, it's worth pointing out that Monster Hunter Wilds is a new-gen exclusive game - it ditches the PS4 and Xbox One entirely. Tokuda is likely alluding to the current-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X/S when he talks about the "hardware generations we're working on" getting increasingly powerful and using the "specs of the hardware to the max."

Monster Hunter Wilds is, as of right now, slated to launch next year in 2025 across PC and current-gen consoles. For a deeper dive into the new game with director Tokuda and veteran series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, read our full Monster Hunter Wilds interview.

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