Love for Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail's new freak Bakool Ja Ja gets so intense that Square Enix asks the MMO's community what's going on

Bakool Ja Ja
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail has introduced a new husbando that the MMO's infamously down-bad community has taken a liking to – and it's not the shy cat boy this time, but a mean two-headed lizard who is ripped. 

Warning! There are some light spoilers ahead, alongside some fan art you probably want to avoid explaining to a colleague.

Bakool Ja Ja is one of the many new faces you'll see in Dawntrail. The broad strokes are that you're helping one of four claimants to win a competition to cement their place as the next to sit on a thrown. Your claimant and pal, Wuk Lamat, is kind-natured but not as strong or smart as the others; the new cat lad on the block, Koana, is the smart one; Zoraal Ja is the only blood relative of the outgoing king; and then you have Bakool Ja Ja – a lizard who is seen as blessed because he has two heads rather than one.

The dude is a problem. He (they?) has little interest in the rules of the competition and only desires to cause chaos wherever they go while being rather mean to the likes of Wuk Lamat and others. 

Most importantly, though – as fans of the MMO have noticed – he's a ripped bad boy. I haven't been able to log onto Twitter over the past few days without my trending tab throwing up Bakool Ja Ja's name. Every time I see what's going on, I come away with something I wish I hadn't plastered upon my screen while in the office.

Naturally, I couldn't talk about the rippling biceps of Bakool Ja Ja without mentioning the one Warrior of Light who has seemingly become the face of the fan club – appropriately named Bakool Ja Ja's Babygirl – whose deeds have even reached the chat logs within the MMO itself.

Final Fantasy 14 features oodles of pretty people that the MMO's community has sworn fealty to, though what's turned heads this time is who is being thirsted over. Dawntrail offers up a buff feline mommy and a shy lil' cat boy, after all. 

It doesn't happen often, though even Square Enix has taken notice.

The Final Fantasy 14 community hasn't vibed with everything Dawntrail has brought to the beloved MMO, though we can at least find solace in the muscley arms of Bakool Ja Ja until Dawntrail's post-expansion run hopefully brings it home.

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