Batman Arkham veterans are making a G.I. Joe that's aiming to be a "shot in the arm" for the franchise

Batman: Arkham City
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A GI Joe game focusing on Snake Eyes is in development from former Batman: Arkham series leadership. recently spoke to Dan Ayoub, head of digital product development at Hasbro's Wizards of the Coast. The head revealed that the company has over $1 billion invested in ongoing game development, and also revealed what a few of these upcoming projects are.

Chiefly, a GI Joe game focusing on the villainous Snake Eyes group is currently in development at the North Carolina-based Atomic Arcade. If you haven't heard of the developer before, then that's not a huge surprise, since the studio was only just founded relatively recently back in 2022.

The studio is headed up by Ames Kirshen, acting as creative director on the Snake Eyes game, who previously headed up the Batman: Arkham series of games at Warner Bros. Considering the Arkham trilogy is widely regarded as some of the best comic book games ever made, that's some pedigree.

As for the Snake Eyes game, Ayoub says it's "not your daddy's GI Joe" in the interview with, and hopes that it's a "shot in the arm" for the franchise at large. It sounds like it'll be a far cry from stuff like the GI Joe comic series, which first debuted in print all the way back in 1967, or the GI Joe animated series, which ran between 1985 and 1986.

Oddly, there have been a total of nine game adaptations of GI Joe to date, including both arcade and video games. The most recent one, a third-person shooter called GI Joe: Blackout, arrived relatively recently in 2020, and holds a 51% average review score on Metacritic from 16 reviews. 

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