The massive Baldur's Gate 3-themed Stardew Valley mod, Baldur's Village, will feature new stores, seasonal outfits, and more, and it's expected to start rolling out later this year

Baldur's Village mod
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Baldur's Gate 3 fans are bringing a huge serving of the D&D RPG to Stardew Valley, and they're close to releasing some of what they've got cooking. 

Baldur's Village is a happy hybrid of the two that brings some fresh stores and familiar faces to a new place off Pelican Town we'll call Baldur's Village for now – and that's just the start. Project contributor Xun says they're also working on daily NPC schedules, seasonal outfits, and other neat additions like spouse rooms, patios, and special furniture "related to the character's experience." 

You don't have to wait too long to experience some of it, either. While Xun says that "the release date has not been decided," there is a "high probability that the first part will be released this fall or winter."

Digging deeper into what's on offer, the team has designed several new stores. The first will be a restaurant managed by Rolan's Projection that sells new items. That also brings us to the latest new characters that the team is working on – Rolan and his projection.

You won't be able to marry either, though you can expect them to appear on the map occasionally. If you've been out of the loop, the modders have previously revealed that you're also getting the likes of Astarion and Halsin – and yes, you can marry the duo.

Elsewhere, the team says they're debugging each NPC's schedule. As such, you'll see "old friends" do activities together to make their relationship feel "more real." You've also got other neat details, like the seasonal outfits for each NPC – Astarion and Shadowheart's wardrobes are all decked out, and soon everyone will be in the same position.

Baldur's Village is set to be free, though you can contribute to the creator's Patreon to support the work and see some work-in-progress art. We don't have a release date yet, though you'll hopefully be playing some of the mod later this year.

Baldur's Gate 3 leads gather at the same place they considered how to finish the RPG 2 years ago to discuss "lift-off" for what's next: "Spirits are high."

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