Mika and The Witch's Mountain looks like the video game version of Kiki's Delivery Service, and the whimsical Studio Ghibli-esque indie gem is coming soon

Mika and The Witch's Mountain screenshot showing a lighthouse atop an island mountain and a young girl flying atop a broom before it
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Mika and The Witch's Mountain, an adorable upcoming indie adventure game reminiscent of Kiki's Delivery Service, just got a release date - and it's not too far off.

In just a couple of months, I can finally live out my witchy little dreams in Chibig's cozy new game, Mika and The Witch's Mountain. Alongside a brand-new trailer, the studio reveals that its enchanting title is coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch later this summer, on August 21. For anyone unacquainted with Mika and The Witch's Mountain and its cute coming-of-age gameplay, it follows a magical young girl as she works to deliver packages to the residents of a vibrant island.

Mika and the Witch's Mountain - Official Release Date Trailer - YouTube Mika and the Witch's Mountain - Official Release Date Trailer - YouTube
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The Studio Ghibli-inspired courier sim sees players explore the small island as the aspiring witch, all while riding a flying broom. There are friends to be made, packages to be delivered, and one ultimate goal for Mika to eventually accomplish - to reach the tippy-top of the island's mountain via her broom. While the indie game is certainly wholesome, it isn't all smooth sailing for the youthful witch. Players need to protect Mika's packages from the elements to ensure top-notch deliveries - through birds, water, wind, and all.

I personally can't wait to channel my inner child and experience the world as an ambitious witch. If you're just as excited to soar the skies atop Mika's magical broom as I am, you can wishlist Chibig's game now on Steam ahead of its big launch in August. This isn't the indie developer's first relaxing rodeo, either - the team previously released Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara, a Ghibli-inspired platformer with Wind Waker vibes, as well as life sim Summer in Mara.

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