Days Gone studio's dev reiterates new IP plans, says "it's not fair to fans" to be "continuously getting fed false hope and poor information" about sequels

A screenshot from Days Gone showing protagonist Deacon riding through a field on his motorcycle.
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Days Gone may have been a popular release for Bend Studio, but the developer's community manager has now apologized for fans being "fed false hope and poor information" about sequels while the team is "working on a new IP."

Sequel rumors for the 2019 action-adventure are nothing new. While nothing official has ever been announced, over the years, plenty of hints have been given about what could have been for future installments. A couple of years ago, for example, the original game's director, Jeff Ross, claimed the sequel would have been "the definitive version," with a more dynamic world, the ability to swim, and more. However, the studio is currently working on something entirely new, and community manager Kevin McAllister says "it's not fair" to Days Gone fans to have their hopes built up for a sequel because of "poor information" circulated online.

"I apologize to our Days Gone community for continuously getting fed false hope and poor information by people looking for likes. It's not fair to you all," McAllister writes on Twitter. "We are currently working on a new IP, and when we have actual news to share it will come from our studio."

Very little is known about Bend Studio's new IP – it began hiring for a plethora of new positions on it back in 2021, and in 2022, it was confirmed that it "includes multiplayer and builds upon the open-world systems of Days Gone, but brings you a whole new world that we are extremely excited to craft for you." However, we've still not seen what it looks like, and certainly haven't been given any indication as to when we can expect it to release, so it's mostly a mystery for now.

For now, at least, the message from McAllister is clear – don't build your hopes up for a Days Gone sequel any time soon. 

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