Days Gone studio is seemingly working on a new IP

Days Gone
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Days Gone developer Bend Studio is working on a brand new concept, according to the head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios.

A tweet earlier this week from the official Bend Studio Twitter account revealed that they're hiring for a slate of new positions across art, design, and admin roles. Herman Hulst, head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, then replied to the original tweet, suggesting that Bend Studio is working on a brand new IP, hinting that these new roles would be working on said new concept.

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This is the first news of developments at Bend Studio since a report earlier this year in April. At the time, a report from Bloomberg revealed that Bend Studio had tried, and failed, to pitch Sony on a Days Gone sequel, which gave context to the original game's creative director and lead writer both having departed the studio over the previous few months.

This report also alleged that Bend Studio had, at one stage, been developing a new Uncharted game, although were no longer working on it. It's not clear what became of that proposed Uncharted sequel, but we do now know that Bend Studio appears to be working on a brand new IP instead.

Days Gone was one of the best-selling games of 2019, when it originally launched on the PS4. The zombie horror game would then arrive on PC in the following year in 2020, as part of Sony's push to bring more of their first-party exclusive games to a brand new audience on PC. The proposed Days Gone sequel may never see the light of day though, even though its creative director revealed it would've featured a shared online world.

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