Days Gone PC comes with all previous DLC, unlocked framerates, and improved graphics

Days Gone
(Image credit: SIE Bend Studio)

Days Gone is coming to PC this Spring and the game's Steam Page has listed more information about the new features coming with it.

First and foremost, the Steam page confirms that Days Gone PC will launch with ultra-wide monitor support, unlocked framerates and improved graphics, the latter of which bring "increased level of details, the field of view [and] foliage draw distances".

The PC version of the game will also come with all the previously-released DLC, as well as having a New Game Plus option and the challenging Survivor mode to tackle. It looks like Challenge Mode will be present as well. While the Steam page simply lists "Bike Skins" as a feature, we don't know if they will be new or different ones from the PS4 version. The PS4 version of the game didn't launch with all these DLC features but they were added to the game for free post-launch.

Other than this information, the Steam page doesn't have much else to tell us about any other new features which might come a cropper. It does, however, list the system requirements to run it. but aside from the whopping 70GB of space needed, all of it looks pretty reasonable.

According to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan this week, a "whole slate" of PS4 games are on the way to PC, with Days Gone leading the charge. The news was revealed yesterday in an interview which also announced the delay of Gran Turismo 7 to 2022.

These games are all PlayStation exclusives so it will be the first time they see a release on another platform. Similarly to how Horizon: Zero Dawn was ported to PC last year, it seems Sony is keen to expand its exclusive titles; which could mean we could actually see that Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC rumour come true soon.

Elsewhere in the world of PlayStation, the company has announced a State of Play broadcast will be taking place this Thursday, February 25 which will share "updates and deep dives for games coming to PS4 and PS5".

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