Beyond Good and Evil's 20th Anniversary Edition just makes the need for Beyond Good and Evil 2 even more pressing

Beyond Good & Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition
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Beyond Good and Evil's new remaster further emphasizes the need for Beyond Good and Evil 2 and integrates the upcoming prequel into the original game.

When Ubisoft first announced Beyond Good and Evil's 20th Anniversary Edition last month, the publisher revealed it would have a "narrative link" between the remaster and the long-gestating Beyond Good and Evil 2. As first noted by Eurogamer, the video below has trawled through the 20th Anniversary Edition to show exactly what that "narrative link" is.

NEW Beyond Good & Evil Lore! !!SPOILERS!! (20th Anniversary Edition) - YouTube NEW Beyond Good & Evil Lore! !!SPOILERS!! (20th Anniversary Edition) - YouTube
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The new stuff basically takes the form of a treasure hunt, where protagonist Jade can obtain a number of items which in turn unlock some tantalizing items. They might even be new outfits you can equip on characters in the 20th Anniversary Edition, like the outfit that Uncle Pey'j was originally seen wearing in a Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer many, many years ago.

The treasure hunt items themselves, though, are items that have been left for Jade to recover by characters from Beyond Good and Evil 2, which is a prequel set years before the original game. You might happen upon items from Knox the Monkey, for example, a brand new character in Beyond Good and Evil 2, basically introducing the newcomer for veteran players of the original.

Crucially, though, all the item descriptions after narrated by Dakini, and it's revealed in an ensuing new scene that the character is in fact Jade's mother. This puts to bed years and years of debates over who Jade's parents actually are, and as Eurogamer notes, finally puts to bed fan speculation that engineer Callum is actually Jade's father. 

In short, we're meeting the crew of the Gada in these new additions to Beyond Good and Evil, in plot threads that you'd assume would be picked up on in Beyond Good and Evil 2, whenever it eventually releases. It's been 16 years since Ubisoft first announced the sequel, which then turned into a prequel, and no release window is yet in sight.

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