Games of September 2013

September 24 (cont'd)

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, Wii U

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How many superheroes can be crammed into one game? We'll soon know for sure when 5th Cell releases its hero-packed sequel to the Scribblenauts franchise. At last check, the studio was boasting the game will feature 2000 characters from the DC Universe, including everyone from famous names like Batman and Superman to obscurities like Bloodwynd and Matter-Eater Lad. Each can be written into the game by Scribblenauts hero Maxwell to help solve various puzzles, and all can be modified with adjectives to create unique superhero variants of their own. Super Batman anyone? How about Zombie Wonder-Woman?

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure sounds like a massive undertaking to say the least, but if it all works out well, this could be an absolute must have for comic fans. As for us, check out the 15 phrases we can't wait to try in Scribblenauts Unmasked.

Valhalla Knights 3

Platform: PS Vita

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From publisher Xseed Games comes this North American port of Valhalla Knights 3 for the PS Vita. In it, brave warriors will choose from seven character races (Human, Dwarf, Beast, Nightmare, Elf, Machine, and Hobbit) and seven character classes (Fighter, Mage, Priest, Thief, Akatoki, Archer, and Prisoner) and take to the battlefield in active, seven-on-seven player battles. When not winning points in the arena, players can spend their hard earned spoils on female party members, which they can recruit in the game's 'red light district'. Classy.

Valhalla Knights will ship out west with a sizable online multiplayer component, enabling PS Vita owners the chance to go out on their treasure hunting quest alone or with friends.

September 25

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+

Platform: PC

2010's Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is getting a new home and an added “+” on Steam. The enhanced version will feature four new boards, including Big Eater Course, Mountain Course, and Championship III & Highway II Courses; new soundtracks; and new skin packs borrowing styles from the classic Rally-X and Dig Dug games and the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures cartoon series.

Adding to the pellet-gobbling fun, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ will arrive with enhanced leaderboard functionality and customization additions.

September 25

Deadfall Adventures

Platform: PC

Ever dream about being a globe-trotting adventurer, but can't get time of work/school/jail to see it happen? Introducing: Deadfall Adventures, a first-person action game from The Farm 51 devs that simulates the life of a treasure-seeking, globe-hopping, danger-loving rogue minus the hassles of leaving your couch.

Set in 1938, the game stars James Lee Quartermain, a career adventure who must brave ancient evils, deadly puzzles, and Nazis and Russians to find The Heart and--hopefully--save the world in so doing. Over and above a single-player campaign, players will have the chance to partake in an adventure-style multiplayer.

Rise of Venice

Platform: PC

Live like a Venetian prince (and/or pauper) in this rags-to-riches strategy title from Kalypso Media Digital. Set amid the Renaissance period, Rise of Venice will see players playing the role of a young man with big dreams, who must build relationships with outlying cities and navigate the ranks of Venetian politics to become the Doge of Venice.

Rise of Venice will feature a wealth of things to do, including engaging in ship battles, trade negotiations, empire building, and socializing. It'll all be tied together with a storyline following players' rise to power, but include a multiplayer mode for those who just want to get to the backstabbing.

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