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30 awesome games for $30 or less

Escape Goat 2

Available on: PC

If you aren't sold on Escape Goat 2 from the punny name alone, wellallow us to persuade you. This indie puzzle-platformer is charming, serene, and seriously taxing on the ol' gray matter. You take control of a headbutt-capable purple goat (which are all the rage right now) and his magical mouse sidekick, completing single-screen, brain-teasing levels that require just the right mix of timing and cleverness. It would behoove you to get this goat's adventure if you like painterly art styles and smart puzzle design.


Available on: 3DS eShop

If brain teasers are your thing--and you happen to own a 3DS--might we suggest Pushmo. This clever puzzler tasks you with pushing and pulling the components of a large 2D object to transform it into a scalable 3D platform. Only by doing so can you hope to rescue the helpless Pushmo children that have become trapped. Oh, and you play as a red sumo wrestling cat named Mallo, which is just plain awesome.

Weapon Shop de Omasse

Available on: 3DS eShop

You've played the hero in dozens of RPGs--but have you ever played the blacksmith who crafted said hero's weapons? That's the setup of Weapon Shop de Omasse, a rhythm game in which a father and son duo forge weapons for would-be adventurers. (Its one of a number of 3DS games most have never heard of.) The game has a charming appeal, and swiping and tapping along to the beat of its catchy tunes will no doubt keep a smile permanently ingrained on your face. Who knew smithing could be so fun!?

Tiny Brains

Available on: PS4, PC

If your ambition in life is to one day become a mad scientist, maybe don't give superpowers to the lab animals you've been experimenting on. You know, just in case they decide to team up and use those powers to escape your labyrinthine confinement setup. Such is the story behind Tiny Brains, a co-op puzzler in which you, and a few lab animal friends, must combine your individual strengths to escape captivity. It's packed with cheeky humor and tough-but-fair puzzles, and you'll have an absolute blast when playing with three friends. With a fun story mode and several challenge modes, Tiny Brains provides hours of enjoyment for a paltry sum.

Gaming's never been so cheap

Planning on picking up any of the games we've suggested? Or perhaps you have alternative game suggestions for others that might be interested in trying something new. Either way, let us know in the comments below.

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