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Gamers: Grow some facial hair

Next month is the month of 'Movember', when real men the world over spend 30 days growing the finest moustaches they can muster. It's to raise money for the prostate cancer charity and to raise awareness of men's health issues. So it's a great reason to entertain some bushy lip fur on your face. As if that in itself isn't reason enough to get a 'tache, Movember sponsor Rockstar Games is offering to immortalize the likeness of whoever grows the most awesome whiskers in next year's Red Dead Redemption. Yes, man gamer, you and your hairy face could appear in what is destined to be one of 2010's biggest games.

For more details, check outRockstar's Movember event pageand get yourselfregistered.

As you can see in the image below, our own Matt Cundy has been in serious training in the run up to Movember and has crafted this truly intimidating facial decoration. Anyone that can best his fuzzy beauty will win a lifetime of respect from us.