Game of Thrones RPG recruits new trailer and website

A new trailer and website have arrived for Game of Thrones RPG from parts unknown (read: Atlus' PR department). See how the Westeros will be won in the latest video from Cyanide Studio's upcoming A Song of Ice and Fire adaptation.

The trailer arrived with an invitation to visit the new Game of Thrones website, which features a gameplay trailer for The Wall, and a handy button on the bottom for muting the sweeping orchestral music that immediately tells everyone you are on a game site. Right now only one section is open for browsing, with future sections to be revealed as more of the community “likes” the website. We assume they mean Facebook, but only Atlus's Twitter link has been posted.

Game of Thrones RPG stars two original characters, a Night Watchman named Mors Westfold and Red Priest Alester Sarwyck. The story, designed in collaboration with Martin himself, will intersect with the events of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books and include appearances by many of the series' characters. The game is being targeted for an early 2012 release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC; with Focus Home Interactive handling UK distribution, and Atlus North America taking care of fans in the west.

Offering a bittersweet taste of what could have been, BioWare recently told PC Gamer it had once considered designing its own Game of Thrones MMO, but the project was shelved in favor of some indie project for EA and LucasArts. Maybe next year, then?

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