Game Of Thrones casting hints at Greyjoy twist

Some potentially spoilery Game Of Thrones news for you, with fan site Watchers On The Wall reporting that Borgen star Pilou Asbaek has joined the cast for the sixth season of the fantasy smash. As to the spoilers, well they’re coming up right now, so look away if you don’t want to see them…

According to the report, Asbaek will be playing Euron Crow’s Eye, a member of the Greyjoy family, whose return to the Iron Islands coincides with the death of Balon Greyjoy, and a power-grab in Pyke. The report claims the actor was seen filming a 'kingsmoot' scene, referring to the traditional Iron Islands custom by which a new King is crowned.

The Iron Islands storyline was shelved for the fifth season, with Theon’s sister Yara last glimpsed unsuccessfully trying to rescue her broken brother back in season four. Their reintroduction will please fans of the books, while also potentially creating another contender for the Iron Throne. Naturally, nothing has been officially confirmed by HBO.

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George Wales

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