Catch up on where EVERY Game of Thrones character is before season 8


Current location: Volantis

A fleeting appearance in S7 saw Melisandre - the Red Priestess who resurrected Jon Snow - hanging around Dragonstone for a couple of episodes, before having a mysterious conversation with Varys about ‘fate’ and ’dying in Westeros’. She leaves for Volantis mid-season but will likely return, at some point, in season 8. 

Tormund Giantsbane

Current location: Eastwatch (maybe dead)

At the start of S7 Jon sends Tormund to Eastwatch to reinforce The Wall against White Walker attacks. While there, he captures the Brotherhood Without Banners. Tormund then reunites with Jon and heads north of The Wall with him to capture the Wight. He makes it back, and stays in Eastwatch to keep guard, but - at the end of the season - he’s with Beric as the Night King attacks the wall, and he may have been killed in the attack. His love for Brienne may never be fulfilled!

Beric Dondarrion

Current location: Eastwatch (maybe dead)

After heading north with The Hound and Thoros of Myr, Beric Dondarrion is captured by the Wildling scouts at Eastwatch and thrown in prison. Jon Snow then frees him, and Beric accompanies him north of The Wall to obtain the Wight. At the end of the season Beric is on The Wall when the Night King attacks, and it’s uncertain whether he’s still alive.

Gendry Baratheon

Current location: White Harbor

He’s back! After nearly four whole seasons in a rowing boat (joke: he went straight back to King’s Landing), the bastard son of Robert Baratheon is found by Ser Davos in Fleabottom, King’s Landing. He escapes with Davos, and heads north to help Jon Snow. During the battle north of The Wall, Gendry is forced to run back to Eastwatch and request help, when it’s obvious the rest of the party is trapped. He collapses in front of the castle, but gets the message delivered. You guessed it, he’s on the same ship as everyone else. 

Meera Reed

Current location: Unknown but probably at home

After accompanying Bran back to Winterfell, she’s dismissed coldly with an emotionless goodbye. Meera isn’t seen again for the rest of the season.

Ellaria Sand

Current location: King’s Landing (maybe dead)

The ex-lover of Oberyn Martell is on board Yara Greyjoy’s ship when it’s captured (getting it on with Yara, actually). She watches two of her three daughters die on-board, and is the forced to watch the third die from poisoning as Cersei chains them up in a cell and feeds Tyene the same poison used on Myrcella at the end of season 6.

The Night King

Current location: Eastwatch

During seasons 6 and 7 The Night King spends ages walking from Hardhome to The Wall. He confronts Jon Snow’s raiding party somewhere on the ice, and manages to bring down one of Daenerys’ dragons (Viserion), before yanking them out of the lake to serve him as a zombie. The Night King’s final act is blasting a hole through the Wall at Eastwatch with Viserion, potentially killing most of the Night’s Watch in the process…

Andy Hartup