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Catch up on where EVERY Game of Thrones character is before season 8

Euron Greyjoy

Current location: King’s Landing

It was a big season for Euron. He allies with Cersei, and goes to war for her, sinking a large number of Yara and Theon’s ships in a surprise attack. He captures Yara, Ellaria Sand, and one of her daughters (he kills the other two) and presents them to Cersei as a wedding gift. She accepts his proposal, although it’s fairly obvious she won’t marry him after the war. Following this, at the end of S7, Euron demands Theon surrenders to him, but Theon refuses even after his uncle threatens to execute Yara.

Sam and Gilly

Current location: Winterfell

The pair start the season at the Citadel, as Sam is training to be a Maester. He discovers a cure for Greyscale and heals Ser Jorah, before leaving Old Town with Gilly and heading north to give Jon information about the White Walkers. Oh, and Gilly discovers that Jon’s real parents Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark were secretly married meaning he isn’t a bastard at all, so he wants to tell Jon about that too.

Brienne of Tarth

Current location: White Harbor

After fulfilling her vow and returning Sansa to Winterfell, Brienne plays a small role in S7. She spars with Arya and helps her train a little, and continues to try and make Podrick a proper squire. She travels down to King’s Landing with Jon and Dany, where she exchanges an awkward glance or two with Jaime Lannister, before confronting him and asking for his help fighting the Wights. She’s currently on the ship heading to Winterfell. 

Davos Seaworth

Current location: White Harbor

Ser Davos continues to play a big role in Game of Thrones in S7. He arrives on Dragonstone with Jon and helps ease the awkward first meeting between the two, where Dany demands Jon’s fealty. Davos agrees to smuggle Tyrion into King’s Landing to try and broker a secret truce with Jaime Lannister and, while he’s there, Davos finds Gendry - the bastard son of Robert Baratheon - and encourages him to join the fight up north. He then heads north with Jon Snow and battles to capture the Wight. He’s also on the ship heading to Winterfell. 


Current location: King’s Landing

Cersei’s new, er, Maester (he was kicked out of the Citadel for unethical experiments), Qyburn designs the scorpions which he plans for the army to defend King’s Landing against Dany’s dragons. He also tells Cersei she’s pregnant and is constantly at her side when she’s scheming.


Current location: White Harbor

After accompanying Daenerys to Dragonstone, Varys goes a little quiet following an argument with Dany who doesn’t trust him. When talking to Melisandre, who shows up at Dragonstone, he has a mysterious exchange where she tells him that she is fated to die in Westeros, just like he is. After that Varys plays little part in the rest of S7. Again, on the ship heading to Winterfell.

Grey Worm and Missandei

Current location: White Harbor

Having arrived with Daenerys in Dragonstone, Grey Worm leads her forces in an attack on Casterly Rock. However, Grey Worm’s army of Unsullied is tricked, and his ships are sunk by Euron’s fleet while the Unsullied are on land. It takes Grey Worm a while to return to Dragonstone. Meanwhile Missandei has a quiet season, but does strike up a friendship with Ser Davos. All together now! Ship!

Jorah Mormont

Current location: White Harbor

Jorah appears in one of the cells of the Citadel, where he’d gone to die of the Greyscale that infected him. However, he’s cured by Sam Tarly, and reunites with Daenerys at Dragonstone. He then travels to The Wall to fight with Jon, The Hound, and a bunch of other characters in an attempt to capture a Wight and gain an alliance with the Lannisters. He makes it out alive and accompanies Jon and Dany to negotiate with Cersei.

Sandor Clegane/The Hound

Current location: White Harbor

The Hound starts the season with the Brotherhood Without Banners, as they head north. He’s captured by Wildling scouts and locked up in the cell at Eastwatch, only to be released when Jon Snow arrives. He fights with Jon north of The Wall, as they capture a Wight, and then accompanies him to King’s Landing for a pointed exchange with his brother, the semi-alive Gregor Clegane/The Mountain. Everyone is on the ship heading to Winterfell!


Current location: King’s Landing

After helping Jaime take Highgarden, Bronn is involved in the battle when Dany attacks the Lannister forces and defeats them on the Goldroad. He manages to wound one of the dragons with a scorpion crossbow, and then saves Jaime’s life by pushing him out of the way when attacked by dragon fire. Bronn then brings Jaime to the secret meeting between him and Tyrion. We left him kicking around King’s Landing.

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