Game Freak's Little Town Hero gets a new trailer introducing its adorable villagers

Little Town Hero is an upcoming RPG from Game Freak, the studio behind the Pokemon games, and its new trailer tells us a little bit about its characters and what they like to do. We also get a good look at some of the monsters and how battles will go down. Like the complete game, the trailer's soundtrack is an instant classic by Pokemon composer Hitomi Sato and Undertale developer Toby Fox.

The Little Town Hero character trailer first tells us about Axe, presumably the game's main protagonist, who's a "hot-headed young resident of the village who dreams of the world outside." Nelz is Axe's mischief-making best friend and partner-in-crime, and Ember is Axe's mom, "who raised him all on her own." Then there's the privileged Minnie, Axe's rival Matock, combat veteran Angard, the beloved King and Court Lady, the wise minister, and some random dude named Torren.

Here's what we know so far about Little Town Hero. It's a turn-based RPG by Game Freak releasing exclusively on Switch October 16, it's got a curious battle system that involves "coming up with new Ideas and strategies" and minimal grinding, and it's apparently designed in such a way that makes it easy for busy gamers to pick up and play in short intervals.

It's kind of surprising that Game Freak is releasing a brand new IP so close to the November 15 release of the next mainline entries in the Pokemon series, Sword and Shield. It'll be interesting to see if Little Town Hero manages to shine through Pokemon's shadow and develop its own player base.

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Jordan Gerblick

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