Game Builder Garage players are already reconstructing classic Nintendo games

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Isabelle
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Game Builder Garage is already being used to recreate classic Nintendo games.

If you weren't aware, Nintendo just launched Game Builder Garage last week on Friday, June 11, allowing players to create whatever games they could possibly imagine, entirely on their Nintendo Switch. Some players are using this to recreate some classic Nintendo games, such as Mario Kart, which you can see in the particular recreation seen just below. 

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If you were wondering how long it'd take before an Earthbound tribute popped up through Game Builder Garage, the answer is roughly three days. Just below, you can see the same user rebuilding Earthbound's Ness, moving around in perfect pixelated detail. We might never get a Mother 3 localization, but it looks like we will get fan-made attempts at reviving the series.

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Elsewhere, there's other, slightly less famed Nintendo games being remade in Game Builder Garage. Just below, for example, you can see that someone's actually managed to remake the "Ball" game from Nintendo's Game & Watch accessory, and they've even provided a diagram to detail the button prompts for their remake.

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Elsewhere, there are already plenty of creations that aren't based on Nintendo's own catalogue. Just below, you can see that someone's actually managed to recreate P.T.'s famed hallway in Game Builder Garage, complete with Lisa, the demonic figure that follows you around everywhere throughout the demo.

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Game Builder Garage is out right now on the Nintendo Switch, and if this set of offerings are anything to go by, it's already turning out to be pretty impressive. Note that to play any of the levels above, you'll have to enter the code supplied by the creator themselves. This is unfortunately the only way to play someone else's creation in Nintendo's new game, as the game itself doesn't enable you to manually search for other players's creations.

We're now just one day away from Nintendo's E3 2021 showcase, and there's plenty of reasons to be excited. Although a previous report suggested that the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro would be revealed before the company's E3 2021 showcase, it's starting to look more and more as though the new hardware model could be revealed tomorrow on June 15, when the showcase takes place at 9a.m. PT.

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